The Process

Who can be nominated?

Individuals or businesses who have an active role in supporting or providing for Community Fitness in the UK, in accordance with the specifics set out for each category. All nominated   candidates will have either been put forward by Thrive At Limited and EMD UK (these tend to be firms or individuals that we have worked with previously and recognise their contribution to the UK Community Fitness), or via a third party on our online nomination form. Self-nominations are also accepted.

A candidate only needs one nomination for any particular category to be put through to the shortlisting process. Candidates can be nominated for any and all categories for which they meet the criteria.


We will contact each nominee in the first instance to gain their acceptance of the nominations(s) they have received and ask them to complete a simple response to the nominations, which will ascertain their reaching of the criteria and act as their acceptance for inclusion in the process going forward.  Upon successful completion of this stage, nominees are then moved on to our shortlist of candidates, eligible for the public vote.

What happens next?

Shortlisted candidates are confirmed and invited to provide a photograph, a short bio and 2-minute video about themselves, their work and their contribution to Community Fitness. This is an ideal opportunity to promote specific projects, achievements or even aspirations, that make the candidate stand out from the crowd.

Videos are scored from 1-10 based on set criteria including: effort, engagement; interaction and creativity within the video.


Shortlist submissions are uploaded to the website, and shared via social media ahead of the public vote. 

In addition to the public votes, we have 3 independent judges and assess all the entries and mark them, rating them from 1-10. This rating will subsequently be added to the public voting scores for each candidate, and the winners will be revealed by their overall score. 

Results will be announced at out Awards Presentation Gala Dinner on 9th November

The Awards Presentation Event

We hold a Gala evening in November which forms part of the Project FIT weekend. Attendance at the event is not compulsory, but we have found that the majority of those shortlisted candidates do engage with the Award Ceremony.